Criminal Defense/ Personal Injury/ Immigration

Practice Areas

Criminal. This firm assists our clients with all criminal representation both State and Federal from arraignments to sentencing and has access to bail bonds agencies.  Mr. Giannetta has represented clients with charges including murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, drug distribution and assault, as well as white collar crimes.  Mr. Giannetta has substantial trial experience in both Superior Court and Federal Court and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.  

Personal Injury.  This firm assists our clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and public transportation accidents.  Mr. Giannetta has swiftly and successfully negotiated settlements as well as won substantial  6 figure money awards from numerous jury trials. He has also assisted in negotiating 7 figure settlements.

Immigration. This firm has helped countless individuals, families and businesses with their immigration issues. Our familiarity with the U.S. legal system allows us to create a strategy to help you or your family member. We have extensive experience in permanent residency, Naturalization, Visas, and Deportation. 

DWI/Municipal Courts. This firm assists our clients with representation of Municipal Court matters including traffic fines, DWI, assault and domestic violence.

Expungements.This firm assists clients in preparing, filing and executing Orders of Expungement to seal criminal records.  

Matrimonial. This firm assists our clients involved in divorce, child custody matters as well as pre-nuptial agreements and property settlements.